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Maggio 4, 2017thefashionsavage

Hi Eveyone,

I’m so happy to be one of the lucky blogger that have the chance to present this brand in Italy.

Behind each brand there is a story but  the one behind the Miller brand is a story which have more than 20 years of experience in processing the leather. Discover this amazing brand with me…

miller paris 5

In 2012 an amazing woman named Marie Miller and his brother decided to create their own brand and so they did it. Marie and her brother worked for more than 20 years in the leather market as agents. They were used to connect the french customers with the Italian leather companies and during there 20 years they learned a lot, so, they had this amazing idea of creating their own brand for fun.

miller paris 3.jpg

I’ve discovered this brand some weeks ago, it’s easy to see, you just have to look their handbags in my photos to understand that behind each piece you have passion, love, dedication and lot of research focused not only in the quality but also on the recent  fashion trends.

The quality is high, I mean it! and I totally confirm it, the quality is really high, I have worked with so many brands in 3 years of blogging that I can totally feel free to share my  honest opinion about this handbag…

miller paris 2.jpg

Who follow my blog since the beginning knows two things about me: 1st I love handbags. 2) as they are my biggest passion, I’m so exigent and severe when I need to evaluate a new handbag (because of course, I cannot keep them all).

My boyfriend tell me that I am such a “perfectionist” when I talk about handbags; well, an handbag should really reach some specific quality level to hit my attention or at least it must have something that make it different from the others that you see around.


miller paris lisa handbag.jpg

 I love so much this brand and their small lisa handbag that she was able to gain a little place near to the best handbags that I ever had (just near my LV, MK, and Alviero Martini).

The look I chose to feature this handbag was really simple, easy and not so particular. The important detail of this outfit is the lisa handbag, she totally hit the attention, I appreciate this brand for their pieces so clean, easy to wear, full of perfection due to their simplicity…

Stay tuned to read my next post J.

lisa bag miller paris.jpg






miller paris lisabag.jpg
Lisa Handbag: A Timeless piece for your outfit

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